Measuring DEI Accurately Provides Deep Insight Into Your Business

There’s no end to the potential diversity of your workforce. A person’s individuality, like their potential, shines through in their every interaction, action, and reaction.

This diversity really matters to your organization’s teamwork, agility and potential.

Most importantly – real diversity, equity and inclusion helps employees feel that they belong.

Measuring Change with ARISE

ARISE™ is an evidence-based diagnostic model that tracks where your organization is on the path to inclusion.

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As your team completes Learning Snippets, ARISE™ shows you where your team begins, how your organization is progressing, and the net change after the programs are complete.

This data, along with Snippets’ learning and engagement data, can help you plan interventions and actions that target where your employees are, on the issues that matter most to your organization.

Employees’ attitudes and beliefs about diversity, equity and inclusion are harder to measure. But they’re even more critical to your organization’s success.

Advanced DEI metrics in 3 Simple Steps


The ARISE™ pre-assessment establishes your team’s inclusion baseline.

Track Progress

We collect learning and engagement data as your team completes their program.


ARISE™ post-assessment shows your team’s change over time, including recommendations for further action.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Your Competitive Edge

The science is in: diverse, equitable and inclusive organizations aren’t just great places to work.

They also incur less cost by avoiding employee disengagement and the incidence of employee grievances.

Geometric illustration of a man in a wheelchair with sad eye in the background looking down
Geometric illustration of diverse workers, man in a wheelchair in the foreground on a lightbulb background

Diverse teams are more productive and more creative. And companies led by diverse leadership consistently outperform the competition.

It’s also good for your brand.

Geometric illustration of diverse workers on a shield background

So Diversity, Equity and Inclusion isn’t just a nice to have.
It’s essential to keep your organization thriving.

Invest in DEI Training with Confidence

How do you know you’re investing in the right training?

Unfortunately, most other DEI training providers can’t give you an answer.

Learning Snippets can.

We collect and interpret data that measures culture change as it’s happening.

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