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The highest performing companies are built on diversity. Our highly measurable tools and practices will help you build a high performing, inclusive employee culture at scale.



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Anti-Black Racism at Work icon Raised Fist

Anti-Black Racism At Work

Behaviours, actions and system-level changes that help you and your organization combat Anti-Black Racism.

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Inclusivity 101

Lessons on diversity and inclusion topics that relate to day-to-day work experiences for everyone.

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Offsetting Racial Biases

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Inclusive Leadership​

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Access & Inclusivity​

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Sexual Expression & Gender Identity​

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Making Space for Mental Health

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About Learning Snippets


Finally move the needle when it comes to real behavioural change. 100% of Learning Snippets users report a greater understanding of diversity and inclusion issues and 75% say they’ll now take action to change their behaviours.


Based on proven science to permanently change your employees’ behaviours, your culture, and your brand for the better.


Diversity and inclusion training that easily fits into the pockets of your employees’ daily schedules, so inclusive behaviours become an everyday thing.  

The team behind Learning Snippets includes scientists in social psychology and neuroscience, e-learning experts, and award-winning designers.

What Makes Learning Snippets Different?

Spaced microlearning is more effective and longer-lasting than traditional in-person or online training. Consequential reasoning and critical thinking are core to each scenario, making the learning meaningful.
Too much D&I training merely builds awareness. Our program is designed to encourage real behaviour change. Each Snippet is built on recent, proven science about the knowledge, skills and motivation that make that change possible.
Each scenario-based lesson can be completed in 2 minutes or less. Employees are motivated by the short time commitment, and don’t get overwhelmed or bored by traditional lengthy e-learning modules.
Employees can use a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to complete lessons on their own schedule, so they don’t have to sacrifice valuable working hours to complete a course.

What Learning Snippets Users are Saying


“It demystified the optimal manner of dealing with some uncomfortable situations, and proposed really manageable solutions.”


“It definitely made me think about how an individual can help push a little bit of a shift in diversity and inclusion within my organization.”

“It empowered me.”


“I liked the fact that they were short snippets. I think that’s amazing.”

“That allowed our teams to do it on their phones, because they’re very, very busy”

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of employees say their knowledge of D&I increased
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are better able to handle D&I situations
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are more willing to take action on a D&I issue
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would recommend Learning Snippets to a colleague or friend
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Data and quotes from users at Borden Ladner Gervais (BLG) and Gowling WLG, August 2019

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